Computer Graphics
TU Braunschweig

Dr.-Ing. Leslie Wöhler
Fmr. Researcher

Publications BibTex

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Leslie Wöhler, Moritz von Estorff, Susana Castillo, Marcus Magnor:
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Leslie Wöhler, Hangjian Zhang, Georgia Albuquerque, Marcus Magnor:
Automatic Infant Face Verification via Convolutional Neural Networks
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The two first authors contributed equally to this work.

Moritz Mühlhausen, Matthias Überheide, Leslie Wöhler, Marc Kassubeck, Marcus Magnor:
Automatic Upright Alignment of Multi-View Spherical Panoramas
Poster @ European Conference on Visual Media Production 2017, December 2017.
Best Student Poster Award