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Scene-Space Processing

Our paper Sampling Based Scene-Space Video Processing got accepted to SIGGRAPH 2015 and is even featured in the Technical Papers Trailer.



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Research Mission

Progress in contemporary computer graphics is driven by the joint pursuit of interactivity, realism, and flexibility. To find viable solutions to the scientific and technological challenges encountered towards these goals, we pursue interdisciplinary strategies that draw on computer graphics, computer vision, applied optics, and human visual perception. Our goal is to contribute answers to fundamental scientific questions that empower us to devise new, practical algorithms for visual computing applications.

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CRC book

Our edited book
Digital Representations of the Real World:
How to Capture, Model, and Render Visual Reality

is now on the market.





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July 13, 2015: Our paper Visual Analytics for Development and Evaluation of Order Selection Criteria for Autoregressive Processes has been accepted at IEEE VIS - VAST
July 5, 2015: Our papers An Affordable Solution for Binocular Eye Tracking and Calibration in Head-mounted Displays and Interactive Scene Flow Editing for Improved Image-based Rendering and Virtual Spacetime Navigation have been accepted at ACM Multimedia 2015.
June 26, 2015: Talk by Stefan Sokoll: Methods for Analyzing the Influence of Molecular Dynamics on Neuronal Activity
May 28, 2015: Our application to the German Science Foundation DFG for a Large Equipment grant has been approved. Over the next months we will build a gaze-tracking video projection dome.
May 15, 2015: Our article on An Approach Towards Fast Gradient-based Image Segmentation has been published in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

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